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Forage Products

Producers of the Timothy Balance® (Timothy Complete™) and Premium Timothy™ Cubes; Premium Quality Alfalfa Cubes;  Alfalfa Timothy Cubes and other specialty forage cubes. Suppliers of Premium Alfalfa and Timothy Hay. Also offering Alfalfa pellets and meal and Timothy pellets and meal.

Organic Products

Providers of Organic Alfalfa Pellets and Meal.

Beet Pulp Products

Providers of pure Non-GMO, as well as Organic beet pulp pellets and shreds.

Selected Products

Only Natural
Non-GMO Ingredients

We at Ontario Dehy believe in staying within our realm of competence. We do not understand genetic modification, therefore we try and stay out. That's all. 

Our cubes are processed using premium quality hay and other premium quality ingredients.
The hay is grown in the Canadian prairies, mostly in the Province of Saskatchewan.

All of our products are Non genetically modified (Non-GMO)

Ontario Dehy’s cubes are processed in a ISO 9002 compliant facility, using prescribed good manufacturing practices (GMP).
Our facilities are inspected annually by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
to assure compliance to the law and regulations applicable to feed manufacturing. 

Why You
Choose Ontario Dehy?

Ontario Dehy’s products are formulated to provide a convenient and consistent feed solution.

Main Features:

  • Processed using only the best quality NON-GMO hay and ingredients.
  • All of the hay used in our cubes is grown in the Canadian prairies.
  • Our cold climate greatly reduces the number of pests and the consequent need for pesticides. 
  • Processed under ISO 9000 quality assurance policies and procedures.
  • Processed in a Government Inspected facility.
  • Ontario Dehy's drying and extrusion process helps to prevent mold and eliminate pathogens.
  • The same process renders the products free of viable weed seeds.
  • Our deep and unparalleled experience in the Industry is your assurance of a consistent, quality product. 


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Goderich, Ontario, Canada




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